Is Carquest and AutoZone the same?

General Parts owned 1,246 company stores that operated under the Carquest brand. AutoZone has 5,210 stores, 72,000 employees and $9.25 billion in annual revenue.

Is Carquest owned by AutoZone?

As of October 4, 2014 Advance operated 5,305 stores, 109 Worldpac branches. Advance Auto Parts and CARQUEST Auto Parts employs approximately 75,000 team members.

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Type Subsidiary
Parent Advance Auto Parts (2014–present)

What company owns AutoZone?

AutoZone Inc. said it has completed its $280-million acquisition of Chief Auto Parts Inc. Absorbing the 561-store Chief chain will give Memphis, Tenn. -based AutoZone a major presence in California and Texas, where most of Chief’s outlets are located. The cash-and-debt deal boosts AutoZone to 2,562 stores in 38 states.

What brand is Carquest?

Carquest Auto Parts is now a part of the Advance Auto Parts family.

Is Carquest owned by Advance Auto?

In 2013, Advance Auto acquired General Parts International, Inc., which included the Carquest and Worldpac brands.

Is AutoZone a franchise?

AutoZone’s Store Development department considers hundreds of locations each year to accomodate our expansion needs. All AutoZone stores are company-owned; we don’t offer franchises.

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Is AutoZone a corporation?

Founded in 1979, AutoZone has over 6,400 stores across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil and the US Virgin Islands.


AutoZone headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee
Traded as NYSE: AZO S&P 500 component
Industry Retail
Founded July 4, 1979 (as Auto Shack) Forrest City, Arkansas, U.S.

Why is AutoZone a bad place?

You are just severely underpaid and AutoZone doesn’t care about your security at work. You simply don’t get paid enough to close a store every night with one other person. … It’s a crazy world out there these days and having no means of protection is kind of a huge fail on Autozone’s part.

Does AutoZone own auto anything?

Auto parts chain retailer AutoZone Inc. has acquired the assets and some debt of online auto parts retailer AutoAnything. Terms of the transaction, which was announced today, were not disclosed.

Does AutoZone own Alldata?

In 1996, AutoZone launched a Commercial program offering credit and delivery to professional installers. Later that year AutoZone purchased ALLDATA, the nation’s leading provider of electronic automotive diagnostic and repair software.

Is CARQUEST a good company?

CARQUEST Product Quality

CARQUEST has an overall Product Quality score of 3 out of 5 stars rated by its users and customers.

Does AutoZone put in batteries?

Autozone installs most batteries for free. As long as they are standard under the hood installs that take 10 min or less.

Are CARQUEST struts good?

The Carquest strut assembly has been rigorously quality-tested, providing high-quality, proven reliability and reducing installation time. The Carquest strut assembly has been designed to provide a stable and safe ride to meet customer expectations and perform the way professional technicians demand.

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Who is cheaper AutoZone or Advance Auto?

Originally Answered: Who’s cheaper, AutoZone or Advance Auto? Both tend to fluctuate, on general items/accessories I’d usually give the win to AutoZone, but Advance occationally has better quality items. For parts, the pricing is usually fairly close, so it’s just a question of convenience.

Is Walmart buying Advance Auto Parts?

Walmart announced a 2019 partnership with Advance Auto Parts to create a specialty auto parts store on … The venture will sell common auto parts and accessories, including tires, lube and battery services, online and in its 2,500 Walmart Auto Care Centers nationwide.