Question: Does AutoZone put free air in tires?

Where can I get my tires aired up for free?

Where to Get Free for Your Tires

  • Regional Gas Station or Grocery Store. Some regional gas station brands still offer free air. …
  • Get a Portable Air Compressor. …
  • Check Your Car Trunk. …
  • Ask Your Friend. …
  • Visit Your Oil Change Location. …
  • Go to a Tire Shop. …
  • Use a Bike Pump. …
  • Live in California or Connecticut.

How much does it cost to put air in tires?

How much will it cost to get nitrogen in my tires? A. For fills of new tires, between $70 to about $175 at some outlets. Drains of air and refills with nitrogen on current tires, up to $30 per tire.

Does Kum and Go have free air?

Kum & Go offers free air at its 400 stores in 11 states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming.

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Can you drive with low tire pressure?

Driving with low tire pressure is not recommended. … If the light just flicked on, that means the pressure is probably not too low. If the pressure is extremely low, it does become dangerous to drive, especially at high speeds. There is a chance that the tires will break down.

Is Air supposed to be free on tires?

There’s a law that was passed in 1999, that made it a requirement for service stations in California to provide free water, compressed air and an air pressure gauge to customers who purchase fuel. … There is no requirement to provide the air for free to non-paying customers.

Do I have to pay to put air in my tires?

Some gas stations charge as much as $1.50 for air. … Since 1999, California law has required “every service station in this state to provide, during operating hours, water, compressed air and a gauge for measuring air pressure to the public for use in servicing any passenger or commercial vehicle.”

Will Jiffy Lube put air in my tires?


Properly inflated tires help improve fuel economy and wear more evenly as well. That’s why the Jiffy Lube® Tire Rotation Service includes checking the tire pressure and inflating or deflating the tires as appropriate to meet your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Do all gas stations have tire pumps?

Most gas stations have a manual air pump installed, which means you need to check and monitor the PSI of your tire while also filling the air. Many air stations also have a water pump, you can ignore this unless your car is overheating, which is a how-to guide for another day.

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Does Firestone put air in your tires for free?


Free tire inflation. Free tread inspection. Free air filter inspection. Free alignment check…and more.

Does Chevron have free air?

Chevron locations owned by the corporation usually have a free station with an air guage on the hose, water, paper towels and a window cleaner. AUTOMOTIVE PURPOSES TO ITS CUSTOMERS WHO PURCHASE MOTOR VEHICLE FUEL.

How urgent is a low tire pressure light?

Generally, the light comes on when your tire’s air pressure is 25% below recommendation. A drop of this level is quite severe. This means you will not be alerted of mild/moderate under-inflation of your tires.

How do I know if my tires need air?

If the level of pressure in your tires is below the specified amount, you need to fill the tires with air. For example, the sticker on the doorjamb may say that the recommended level is 32 psi, for pounds per square inch. When you check your tire, you find it is 29 psi. You need to bring your tire pressure up to spec.

At what PSI will a tire explode?

Under hot weather and highway conditions, the temperature of the air inside the tire rises about 50 degrees. That increases the pressure inside the tire about 5 psi. The burst pressure of a tire is about 200 psi.