Question: What causes the motor effect?

A wire carrying a current creates a magnetic field. This can interact with another magnetic field, causing a force that pushes the wire at right angles. This is called the motor effect.

What are motor effects?

A current-carrying wire or coil can exert a force on a permanent magnet. This is called the motor effect. The wire could also exert a force on another nearby current-carrying wire or coil. The force increases if the strength of the magnetic field and/or current increases. …

How is the motor effect used to cause rotation?

A coil of wire carrying a current in a magnetic field experiences a force that tends to make it rotate. This effect can be used to make an electric motor.

What is motor effect and generator effect?

The generator effect is when a current is induced in a wire which is experiencing a changing magnetic field while the motor effect is when a current carrying wire’s magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field around it, resulting in a force being exerted on it, causing it to move.

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What is the motor effect a level?

The Motor Effect

increase the current. increase the magnetic field strength. ensure the current is exactly perpendicular to the magnetic field lines.

Where is the motor effect used?

The motor effect is the term used when a current-carrying wire in the presence of a magnetic field experiences a force. A simple experimental demonstration will show you that this is true. Place a wire that is connected to a power pack in between the poles of a horseshoe magnet.

Who discovered the motor effect?

The first surviving Faraday apparatus, dating from 1822, which demonstrates his work in magnetic rotation. Faraday used this mercury bath to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, creating the first electric motor.

Is the motor effect and electromagnetic induction?

The motor effect is when the an electric current produces a movement of a wire (due to the interaction of magnetic fields). Electromagnetic induction is when movement of a wire (or a magnet) creates an electric current.

Does a loudspeaker use the motor effect?

The motor effect is used in loudspeakers. In these devices, variations in an electric current cause variations in the magnetic field produced by an electromagnet. This causes a cone to move, which creates pressure variations in the air and forms sound waves.

What is motor effect and dynamo effect?

…the dynamo effect, called the motor effect, may be used to accelerate plasma. By pulsing cusp-shaped magnetic fields in a plasma, for example, it is possible to achieve thrusts proportional to the square of the magnetic field.

What is motor effect of a DC generator?

For motor, current flow in a conductor kept in an external magnetic field causes a deflecting force on the electrons in the conductor, which in turn causes the deflection of the conductor itself. Motion as a result of current in an external magnetic field is called the motor effect.

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Why does the generator effect happen?

If an electrical conductor moves relative to a magnetic field or if there is a change in the magnetic field around a conductor, a potential difference is induced across the ends of the conductor. If the conductor is part of a complete circuit, a current is induced in the conductor. This is called the generator effect.

What factors affect the size of this force the motor effect?

Factors affecting the magnitude of the force

  • The strength of the external magnetic field. The force is proportional to the magnetic field strength,
  • The magnitude of the current in the conductor. …
  • The length of the conductor in the field. …
  • The angle between the conductor and the external magnetic field.

Where is a magnetic field strongest?

It is strongest at the poles. So, what are magnetic poles? Magnetic poles are opposite ends of a magnet where the magnetic field is strongest.

What is Fleming’s left hand thumb rule?

Fleming’s left – hand rule states that if we stretch the thumb, middle finger and the index finger of the left hand in such a way that they make an angle of 90 degrees(Perpendicular to each other) and the conductor placed in the magnetic field experiences Magnetic force.