Question: What transmissions will fit a 351 Windsor?

What transmission does a 351 Windsor take?

The B&M C6 PreRunner/Trail automatic transmission is for use in RWD Ford applications with a 13 1/2-inch tailshaft and 5 1/8-inch separation of top bellhousing bolts. This transmission will work on 289, 302, 351 Cleveland and 351 Windsor engines (does not fit 351M engine.)


Part Number 114203

Will a C4 transmission fit a 351 Windsor?

Registered. yes. the 351C uses the same bellhousings as the small blocks. However, one thing to remember is if you build up the engine much or plan on racing the stock C4 is a weaker transmission than a C6.

Will a 302 transmission fit a 351?

* All the parts from the 302 with the exception of the distributor and intake manifold will fit a 351w, but some of them may be undersized. * Motor mounts will be the same, exhaust will sit a little bit higher due to the extended deck height on the 351.

Will a T5 transmission fit a 351W?

It will work. The 351W uses a 164 tooth flywheel, but as long as you use a 157 tooth 302 flywheel, it fits.

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What does a T5 transmission come in?

There are two basic types of T5 transmissions—the original T-5 STD (Non-World Class or NWC) and the World Class T5 (WC).

Which is better C4 or C6 transmission?

The C4 transmission was primarily used in cars. The C6 transmission could handle more power. Due to the ability to handle more power, the C6 transmission was used in many Ford trucks with bigger engines, and in larger cars that were manufactured with bigger engines.

What is the difference between C4 and C6 transmission?

Weight. Ford C4 is a medium-duty transmission judging from its lightweight of 130 lbs dry w/ torque converter and its design with an aluminum case. … On the other hand, C6 transmission is a heavy-duty transmission that can handle much load.

How much horsepower can a C4 transmission handle?

I’d say at least 400 ponys as long as it is in good shape. The question is more about “How long will it last” to me. There are guys running C4’s behind built 351C’s at the strip but they are highly modified. A stocker IMHO will take a 400 HP street blast every once in a while without grenading.

What’s the difference between a 302 and a 351 Windsor?

The main difference between the blocks was the Deck Height . The 351 blocks were as much as 1.300 in. taller to allow for a longer Stroke . You can spot the difference pretty easily by looking at the front of the engine.

Will a 302 oil pan fit a 351W?

No the 302 will not fit a 351W.

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Will a 302 oil pump fit a 351W?

For the 351w swap pan you have to use a 302 oil pump? … Kym, this Ford Racing 351 Swap pan is intended t use a 302 oil pump and 302 oil Pump driveshaft such as the ARP-1547904. The length on the oil pumps and oil pump driveshafts are different between the 302 and 351 so they must be matched for proper fitment.

Are all T5 transmissions the same?

While there are numerous configurations of the T5, because of the large quantities of T5’s produced, many parts are interchangeable. There are now over 200 different T5 transmission assembly part numbers and almost as many ways to customize them to fit just about anything whether passenger car or light duty truck.