Quick Answer: What are the advantages of DC transmission over AC transmission?

A DC System has a less potential stress over AC system for same Voltage level. Therefore, a DC line requires less insulation. In DC System, there is no interference with other communication lines and systems. In DC Line, Corona losses are very low as compared to the AC transmission lines.

What are the advantages of DC transmission over AC transmission Mcq?

Lower Transmission Losses: HVDC transmission requires only two conductors. Therefore the power loss in the DC line will be lesser compared to the AC line. Good voltage Regulation: In DC lines, a voltage drop does not exist due to inductive reactance. Voltage Regulation will be better in HVDC transmission.

What are the advantages and disadvantages DC transmission over AC transmission?

1) There is no inductance, capacitance, phase displacement and surge problem in DC transmission. 2) Due to the absence of inductance, the voltage drop in DC transmission is less than the AC transmission for the same load and receiving end voltage. Because of this DC transmission has better voltage regulation.

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What is the main advantage of AC power transmission over DC power transmission over long distance?

Answer: Higher voltage is more efficient for transmitting power over long distances (it minimizes the current, and thus the size of the conductors). With AC distribution, high voltage can easily be produced from lower voltages by a transformer, and transformers can be very efficient.

Why DC transmission is preferred over AC transmission in terms of inductance?

The AC transmission line has inductance and surges whereas the DC transmission line is free from inductance and surges. … At same voltage, the DC transmission line has less stress as compared to the AC transmission line. Hence, DC requires the less insulation as compared to AC.

What are the main advantages of DC system?

Advantages of direct current (DC)

  • Increased popularity. …
  • Residential loads use DC. …
  • Wide application. …
  • High power quality. …
  • Reduced installation cost. …
  • Easy integration to renewables. …
  • No reactive power and skin effect. …
  • Telecommunication and data center usage.

What is the advantage of AC power transmission Mcq?

The outer strands are high-purity aluminium, chosen for its good conductivity, low weight, low cost, resistance to corrosion and decent mechanical stress resistance.

Which is better for transmission AC or DC?

Alternating current is cheaper to generate and has fewer energy losses than direct current when transmitting electricity over long distances. Although for very long distances (more than 1000 km), direct current can often be better.

What type of transmission is better between AC transmission and DC transmission?

4. Since there is no inductance and capacitance, the voltage drop in a DC transmission line is less than an AC line for the same sending end voltage and load. Therefore, a DC transmission line has better voltage regulation. 5.

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