Quick Answer: What is the plate between the engine and transmission called?

A flexplate (or flex plate) is a metal disk that connects the output from an engine to the input of a torque converter in a car equipped with an automatic transmission. It takes the place of the flywheel found in a conventional manual transmission setup.

What is the plate between transmission and engine?

A flywheel is usually referenced to a car with a standard transmission,and a “flex plate” is used with automatic transmissions. The flex plate bolts to the engine crank shaft and to the torque converter of your automatic transmission.

What is that metal between you and the engine called?

The pistons are attached to a piece of metal called a connecting rod. The connecting rod’s job is to transfer the force of the pressure shoving the piston down the cylinder bore to the crankshaft or “crank”. Providing the link between the piston and the crank, it is understandable how connecting rods earned their name.

What is a transmission block plate?

The block plate, also known as a separator or spacer plate, is a steel plate that goes between the engine and the bellhousing and is there to ensure perfect alignment between the starter Bendix drive and the flywheel ring gear and the transmission input shaft, the bellhousing and the crank.

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Do you need a bellhousing separator plate?

You need the block separator plate that matches the bellhousing you have so that all the bolts line up.

What is inside an engine?

What are the parts of a car engine? The core of the engine is the cylinder, with the piston moving up and down inside the cylinder. Other key parts include the spark plug, valves, piston, piston rings, connecting rod, crankshaft and sump.

What are the parts of an engine and their functions?

In broad terms, the engine can be segregated into three key parts, the head, the block and the oil sump. 1. The cylinder head is the channel through which the fuel enters the engine chamber and exhaust gases exit. Its key components are the camshafts, valves and spark plug.

What are the 4 parts of an engine?

The parts of a 4-stroke small engine include:

  • Piston.
  • Crankshaft.
  • Camshaft.
  • Spark plug.
  • Cylinder.
  • Valves.
  • Carburetor.
  • Flywheel.

What is a bell housing plate?

Bell housing or bellhousing is a colloquial/slang term for the portion of the transmission that covers the flywheel and the clutch or torque converter of the transmission on vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. … The starter motor is usually mounted here, and engages with a ring gear on the flywheel.