What engine is in the Koenigsegg Gemera?

Is the Koenigsegg Gemera mid engine?

Koenigsegg’s show star at the Geneva-that-never-was is a four-seater hybrid GT with a mid-mounted engine, 1700bhp and a 0-62mph time of 1.9 seconds. It’s called the Koenigsegg Gemera.

Who makes engines for Koenigsegg?

The first Koenigsegg engine appeared in the CCX, and 20 to 25 percent of its parts came from the Ford motor. Today’s Koenigsegg engines include only about 5 percent Ford engine parts. The Swedish automaker also now produces multiple engines, including naturally aspirated and twin-turbocharged varieties.

How many Koenigsegg Gemera are there in the world?

The Gemera is limited to an edition of 300 cars. Since the birth of the company more than 25 years ago, Koenigsegg has been driven to create the ultimate performance car.

How fast is a Koenigsegg Gemera?

Three electric motors placed near both rear wheels and one on the crankshaft amp up the power for a combined 1,700 brake horsepower with a claimed top speed of just under 249 mph and a zero to 62 mph sprint time of fewer than two seconds. In electric mode, the car can get to 186 mph.

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Is the Gamera electric?

A 395-hp electric motor on the crankshaft powers the front wheels, and there are two other electric motors powering each rear wheel. Like other Koenigseggs, the Gemera’s chassis consists of a carbon-fiber tub and aluminum sub-structures. Its ride height is electronically adjustable.

Is the Koenigsegg Gemera electric?

Three electric motors are wrapped around the three-cylinder combustion engine. The engine is rear-mounted and churns out 600 horsepower. … All of the juice for the electric motors is provided by a 16.6 kWh 800V battery pack that also provides the Koenigsegg Gemera with 31 miles of electric-only driving range.

Who makes Koenigsegg Gemera?

The Koenigsegg Gemera is a limited production four-seat plug-in hybrid grand tourer to be manufactured by the Swedish automobile manufacturer Koenigsegg.

Is the Koenigsegg Gemera AWD?

This means that the Gemera has all-wheel drive, all-wheel torque vectoring, and all-wheel steering, as it also has independent rear-wheel steering – offering maximum traction and safety, and one exciting driving experience.

Who owns a Koenigsegg Gemera?


Type Aktiebolag
Key people Christian von Koenigsegg (CEO) Halldora von Koenigsegg (COO)
Products Sports cars Engineering consultations
Owner Christian von Koenigsegg
Number of employees ~400 (February 2021)

Is the 2021 Koenigsegg Gemera rear?

Furthermore, the rear seats are identical to those in the front. They’re not smaller as it happens in other luxury grand tourers, so we’re looking at a proper four-seater and not just a glorified sports car with children seats in the rear. Impressively enough, the Gemera also features eight cupholders.

Is Koenigsegg electric?

The Koenigsegg Regera combines a powerful twin-turbo V8 combustion engine with three electric motors and cutting edge battery power via new powertrain technology called Koenigsegg Direct Drive. This revolutionary technology removes the traditional gearbox, making the car lighter and more efficient.

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How much is a Koenigsegg Gemera worth?

Koenigsegg recently confirmed that prices for the Gemera will start from an eye-watering $1.7 million (around £1.4 million). Production will also be limited to just 300 units globally.

Is the Koenigsegg jesko Electric?

The two large turbochargers are equipped with a 20-litre air tank made from carbon fibre, coupled with an electric compressor which feeds pressurised air to the turbochargers at a pressure of 20 bar (290 psi) in order to reduce turbo lag.

Is the Gemera a sedan?

As the first of its kind, Koenigsegg explores the concept of a sedan with the performance of a hypercar. First unveiled at the Geneva Motor show in 2020, the Gemera is a limited production four-seater plug-in hybrid.

Can I buy a Koenigsegg?

Koenigsegg cars are sold around the world. Earlier models are easier to find in Europe, Asia and the Middle East but select models, including new cars, can also be purchased in the United States. Koenigseggs are extremely powerful and very track-focused.