Will the Corvette ever be front engine again?

“It had to be done,” says GM. After decades of being in existence, it took the most recent C8 version of the iconic Chevrolet Corvette for the original vision of a rear-engined layout to come to pass.

Will the next Corvette be mid-engine?

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 made its debut to the world July 18, 2019. It’s the first mid-engined Corvette in history, which means it’s a big deal for a variety of reasons. … The higher-performance C8 Corvette models will be powered by a 5.5-liter flat-plane-crank V-8, and it makes our ears happy.

Are Corvette engines in the front?

The Corvette’s traditional front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout endured for seven decades, making it one of the world’s longest-running, continuously produced passenger cars with sales surpassing 1.7 million units.

How much did the last front-engine Corvette sell for?

The final front-engined Vette sold at auction this past summer for $2,700,000. Chevrolet has built its final C7 Corvette, which sold at auction for $2.7 million, with all proceeds to charity.

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Is a 2021 Corvette a mid-engine?

Now, there’s a new eighth-generation on the way: the 2021 Chevy Corvette C8. This much anticipated new Corvette is set to bring the sport performance style that is instantly recognizable on Lakeland streets, but it’s shaking things up with a revolutionary mid-engine design.

What cars have engines in the back?

Notable rear-engined cars

  • Benz Patent-Motorwagen.
  • BMW 600, 700, and i3.
  • Chevrolet Corvair.
  • Davrian.
  • DMC DeLorean.
  • Dune buggies such as the Meyers Manx.
  • Fiat 500, 600, 850, 126 and 133.
  • FMR Tg500.

Is there a front engine C8?

The 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 signaled a significant shift for the iconic American sports car. It changed from a front mid-engine layout to a rear mid-engine one.

Do Corvettes have the engine in the back?

Since its inception, the Chevrolet Corvette—in production form, at least—has never deviated from three core attributes: front engine, rear-wheel drive, fiberglass bodywork. … With the introduction of the C8 Chevy has officially moved the engine to the middle, behind the passenger seats.

Why car engine is in front?

Placing the engine above the front axle gives the most direct power output at the shortest distance to the wheels. Engines — and all their related components — are extremely heavy, so positioning it near the actively driven wheels allows the car to handle that weight better and increase traction.

Is the front engine Corvette dead?

Ladies and gentlemen, the last front-engine Corvette has left the building. Chevrolet tweeted a picture of the final C7 to be produced as it came off the line Thursday afternoon, a black 2019 Corvette Z06 with a red interior and a seven-speed manual transmission.

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Is the C7 discontinued?

The C7 Is Now Discontinued

The next-gen 2020 Corvette C8 completely replaces the outgoing C7, which means anyone who buys one is essentially picking up an outdated product.

Is Chevy going to continue making the C7 Corvette?

We expect the next, eighth-generation or C8 Chevrolet Corvette to reach the market around the 2020-2021 model years. Until then, we expect the current, C7 (seventh-generation) Corvette to receive minor changes, updates, and improvements.

What is the LT2 engine?

The LT2 is a new 6.2-liter, eight-cylinder engine from General Motors that made its debut in the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, also known as the mid-engine Corvette or Corvette C8. Displacement: 6.2L / 376 cu. in.

How fast does a 2021 Corvette go?

The 2021 Corvette Stingray can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just three seconds, run the quarter-mile in 11.2 seconds, and – on a long enough track – hit a top speed of 194 mph.

What is the best 2021 Corvette color?

[PICS] The Top 12 Exterior/Interior Colors on the 2021 Corvette…

  • Rapid Blue – 2,384 (9.1%)
  • Silver Flare – 1,804 (6.9%)
  • Elkhart Lake Blue – 1,713 (6.5%)
  • Ceramic Matrix Gray – 1,367 (5.2%)
  • Sebring Orange – 1,255 (4.8%)
  • Shadow Gray – 1,111 (4.2%)
  • Accelerate Yellow – 839 (3.2%)
  • Zeus Bronze – 509 (1.9%)