You asked: Can a mechanic hold your car BC?

Legally, no. Even if you haven’t paid them they can’t hold the car ransom. They would have to take you to court for the money owed.

Can a garage legally hold your car?

Generally speaking, a mechanic doesn’t have the right to keep your car, no matter how unsafe the car is to drive. … There is no law that says a mechanic can keep your car and require you to make repairs. This doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to take your car without getting the repairs.

How long can a dealership hold your car for repair in Canada?

A dealership can hold a car for a maximum of 30 days. However, there are a few repairs that are more intricate than others.

Can a mechanic hold your car Canada?

Legally, no. Even if you haven’t paid them they can’t hold the car ransom. They would have to take you to court for the money owed. If you owed $100 for work done and you simply took possession of your car they can’t take it back as collateral.

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Can you steal your car from a mechanic?

Yes, the shop is going to be liable for the theft of the car. If it is recovered damaged you need to get an estimate to fix the damage. Their insurance should pay for it. If the car is not recovered, you will be seeking to recover the value of the car…

What to do if mechanic rips you off?

Here’s what to say and to expect:

  1. Describe the problem fully. Provide as much information as possible. …
  2. Don’t offer a diagnosis. Avoid saying what you think is causing the problem. …
  3. Request a test drive. If the problem occurs only when the car is moving, ask the mechanic to accompany you on a test drive.
  4. Ask for evidence.

Can I sue a mechanic for taking too long?

Can I sue a mechanic for taking too long? It’s possible to sue a mechanic if you have given them a down payment and they haven’t fixed your vehicle for a long time. This is especially true if you can prove their negligence made your car worse.

What if a mechanic breaks something?

When a mechanic breaks something, they have to replace or fix it. The bad part is they will not get paid for it. That is only fair, you break it you fix it. … Not only will the mechanic have to replace/fix the part for free, they feel really bad about it.

Can a body shop hold my car?

If you signed a “service agreement”, then the shop can keep your car until the repair is finished, even if you wish to terminate the agreement. If the shop accomplished the repairs, and you haven’t paid the bill yet, they can keep the vehicle until you pay the repair bill.

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How can I protect my car from being stolen?

Keeping Your Car Safe: Tips for Preventing Auto Theft

  1. Lock Your Doors. …
  2. Remove Your Keys from the Vehicle. …
  3. Do Not Leave a Spare Key Near Your Vehicle. …
  4. Close the Windows. …
  5. Park in Well-Lit Areas. …
  6. Install an Audible Alarm System and Anti-Theft Device. …
  7. Install a Vehicle Immobilizer System. …
  8. Install a Tracking System.

Which cars are most likely to have catalytic converter stolen?

The common consensus seems to be that the Prius, Tacoma, Lexus SUVs, and the Accord are some of the most targetted cars for catalytic converter theft. So if you own one of these, make sure your car is locked up safe and sound.

How do you prevent car theft parts?

Best Ways to Prevent Theft from Your Car

  1. Park in safe, well-lit areas whenever possible: If you have access to a garage, use it. …
  2. Always lock your car: Don’t make it easy for thieves. …
  3. Don’t leave valuables in your car: Don’t entice someone to break in.