Best answer: Does higher KV mean faster motor?

Kv describes the RPM (revolutions per minute) a motor does per Volt that is put into it. Generally speaking the more Kv a motor has, the more RPM and more power. For example, a 9000Kv motor would be faster than a 2200Kv motor. … So turns with a lower number means a faster motor.

Is higher or lower Kv better?

A low Kv motor has more winds of thinner wire—it will carry more volts at fewer amps, produce higher torque, and swing a bigger prop. A high Kv motor has fewer winds of thicker wire that carry more amps at fewer volts and spin a smaller prop at high revolutions.

Is higher Kv better for RC car?

The simplistic answer is yes, higher kv does increase the speed of your RC car.

What makes an RC motor fast?

There are two gears on your RC, the pinion gear and the spur gear. Both can be upgraded to give your RC either a faster top speed or better acceleration. This is the gear that is attached directly to your motor. … In general, the higher the teeth count on your pinion gear, the faster the RC will go.

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How many turns is a 3300kv motor?

No compatible source was found for this media. 3300 is 13.5 equiv if it were a Novak motor. May be a little diff for a diff company’s motors, but should be in the ballpark.

How do I choose a KV motor?

The KV value can be determined by the number of copper wire windings on the stator. Generally the higher number of winds decreases the KV of the motor, while lower number of winds increases the KV. The magnetic strength of the magnets can also affect the KV value, stronger magnets will increase KV.

What does 2300kv mean?

2300kv represents the rpm of the motor per volt applied to the motor. The motor will spin at 2300 rpm with 1 volt applied. If you apply 10 volts, your motor will spin 23,000 rpm.

Will a lower Kv motor run cooler?

Lower kv will give you the kick with a cooler running motor. Higher kv will get you you there a tad slower but run hotter.

What does 1000Kv motor mean?

So a Kv rating for motor tells the number of revolutions per minute (RPM) when a given volt is supplied. Suppose if you are having a motor with 1000Kv rating it means that it will produce 1000 RPM when 1 volt is supplied.

What does 12T mean on RC Motors?

Twelve turns around each motor pole using triple wires. Three wires are would twelve times around the pole. A 12T double would use two wires wound twelve times and a 12T single a single thicker wire wound twelve times around each rotor pole.

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What is KV rating on RC Motors?

The Kv rating (not to be confused with kilo-volt) is the RPM of the motor (k) per volt (V) with no load. For example, a brushless motor with a Kv rating of 3000 powered by a 12V power source would be capable of 36,000 RPMs (multiply 3000×12). This is the max RPMs that this motor can reach under no load.

How do you make an RC car faster?

How to Make Remote Control Cars Faster

  1. Make it Lighter. Weight is a big deal when it comes to the mobility of RC cars. …
  2. Consider Changing the Tires. …
  3. Get Another Pinion Gear. …
  4. Get Another Battery Pack. …
  5. Have the Motor Changed. …
  6. Adjust Motor Timing. …
  7. Change Bearings. …
  8. Use Grease Instead of Oil.

What’s the fastest brushed RC motor?

“The Traxxas XO-1 is the fastest RC car, full stop. The largest brushless motor on offer propels the car from 1 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. Not only is this car stylish, but it also reaches speeds over 100 miles per hour.”

How many turns is a 4600kv motor?

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Technical Specs
Comparable Turn Count: Click here for 1406 Sensored Motor 2-Pole Turn-Count Equivalent Data Sheet

What Kv is a 10.5 motor?

Novak’s 10.5s are 4,200KV.

How many turns is a Velineon 3500?

The Velineon 3500 motor is a 10-turn, 3500 kV motor optimized for the best speed and efficiency in lightweight 1/10 scale models.