Can I trade in a car with a dent?

Your trade-in value shouldn’t be significantly affected by them. But, if some of those dings aren’t minor or there are a lot of them, then they can affect the trade-in value. It’s the same with scratches. Having a dent repaired is cheaper than you probably think.

Should I fix a dent in my car before trading it in?

Before trading in your vehicle, have it professionally washed and take care of all dings and dents, as well as any other exterior deficiencies which can diminish resale value. … Some vehicles depreciate at a lower clip than others.

How much does a dent take off trade-in value?

With that in mind, two factors change the devaluation level of a given dent: Is it visible from more than 10 feet away? Is it a deep enough crease to impact the paint? If either of these is a yes, then you can expect the average effect of the dent to be between 5 and 10 percent of what the car would otherwise be worth.

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Will CarMax buy my car if it has a dent?

CarMax gives offers on various vehicles, including damaged cars. If your car has a bad transmission or other mechanical problems, CarMax will buy it. But since they may not resell those that have serious damage or have otherwise broken down, you won’t get the best price possible.

Do you need to disclose car issues when trading in?

If you as an individual sell a vehicle to another individual, you must disclose any problems. Further, even if you sell is ‘as is’ and put ‘as is’ right on the bill of sale, you may still be required to fix problems found later that were in existence when you sold it.

Should I fix body damage before trading in?

The Bottom Line. Don’t waste your money on significant repairs before trading in your vehicle. The dealership you will be negotiating with is in the business of fixing cars for resale, so leave the heavy lifting for them.

Is it smart to trade in your car?

It makes the most sense to trade in your car when its value is greater than what you owe on the loan. This way, you can use that equity as a down payment toward the next vehicle you purchase. Is it better to sell your car or trade it in? … Trading in a car will net you less but will take much less time and effort.

What do car dealers use for trade in value?


While Black Book is mostly used by dealers, Kelley Blue Book (Not spelled Kelly Blue Book without the “e”) is mostly used by individuals looking to trade in or sell their vehicles. Since 1926, Kelley Blue Book has been one of the best-known names in the auto industry.

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Does Carvana buy salvage?

If your car has been wrecked it’s also worth noting that while Carvana does purchase vehicles with salvage or rebuilt titles, the car must be in running order in order to be sold. … Your location is also an important factor to keep in mind if you’re looking to sell with Carvana.

Can you trade in a car that has damage?

In many cases, yes! In fact, your trade value might be higher if you trade your car in with the body damage unrepaired. Not only can the dealer see the problem as it is, but they can also profit from doing the repairs themselves.

Can I trade in a wrecked car?

You may wonder, “Can I trade in a total loss car?” Generally, you should not trade in a totaled car to a dealership, particularly if it’s severely damaged. Although some dealers may accept salvage vehicles, they may take persuading and severely undercut you. The majority of dealers will turn you away outright.

Can you lie about your trade in?

You know you’re planning to trade. But revealing this information too early in the process will hurt you, according to the experts. So you lie. … It’s called “parachuting the trade.”

What happens if you trade in a car with problems?

Most of the time, a dealership will take your car as a trade-in, even if it has significant issues. One of the main reasons why doing a trade-in is a good idea for most vehicles with mechanical problems is that the dealership will value it based on its individual parts as opposed to the car as a whole.

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What should you not say when trading in a car?

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Car Salesman

  1. “I really love this car” …
  2. “I don’t know that much about cars” …
  3. “My trade-in is outside” …
  4. “I don’t want to get taken to the cleaners” …
  5. “My credit isn’t that good” …
  6. “I’m paying cash” …
  7. “I need to buy a car today” …
  8. “I need a monthly payment under $350”