Do electric cars qualify for AIA?

Most capital expenditure is eligible for the AIA, though cars are not (but vans and other commercial vehicles are). … Until April 2021 low or zero emission cars can qualify the FYA if CO2 emissions do not exceed 50g/km and the car is purchased new and unused.

Do electric cars get AIA?

Cars are one of the few general exclusions from the annual investment allowance (AIA). However, first-year allowances are available for expenditure on new electric cars or new cars with CO2 emissions not exceeding 50g/km incurred on or before 31 March 2021.

Can I claim 100% capital allowances on an electric car?

From April 2021 a first-year capital allowance of 100% of the cost can be claimed on all new and unused cars with zero emissions. This means the company can set the full cost against its taxable profits in the year of purchase, creating a saving of 19% corporation tax.

Do electric cars qualify for fya?

From 1 April 2021, pure zero emission car can qualify for a 100% first year allowance (FYA) and the car is purchased new and unused. A similar 100% FYA applies for zero emission vans, where the vehicle is purchased new and unused before 1 April 2021.

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What vehicles can you claim AIA on?

Use writing down allowances to work out what you can claim – cars do not qualify for annual investment allowance ( AIA ).

Cars bought from April 2021.

Description of car What you can claim
New and unused, CO2 emissions are 0g/km (or car is electric) First year allowances

Can you claim AIA on vans?

It’s available for most assets purchased by a business, such as machines and tools, vans, lorries, diggers, office equipment, building fixtures and computers. It does not apply to cars. You can find guidance on claiming AIA in the Capital Allowances Toolkit.

Do electric cars qualify for First Year Allowance?

Vehicles with no CO2 emissions (like an electric car) are currently eligible for the 100% First Year Allowance and are exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty.

How much AIA can I claim?

Things to remember about claiming

In the 2021/2022 tax year, you can only claim AIA up to £200,000 in total for the year.

Can I claim AIA on second hand assets?

Assets purchased used/second hand (e.g. vans, computer equipment, etc) didn’t qualify for AIA and you can only claim WDA on them.

Do electric cars qualify for Super deduction?

Commercial vehicles such as lorries and vans do but cars do not. However, electric cars still qualify for the 100 per cent First Year Allowances. Planning and timing are key to making the most of super-deduction and the Annual Investment Allowance.

What electric cars do Audi make?

The Audi e-tron, e-tron S and e-tron sportback are Audi’s fully electric vehicles, which offer everything you’d expect from an Audi with a smoother and more pleasurable drive, thanks to the electric motor. They also have a great electric range of up to 252 miles.

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Does BMW have an electric car?


This all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle® offers pioneering design – and spacious comfort comparable to the BMW X5. Meet the sportiest all-electric Gran Coupe you’ve ever seen, which delivers exhilarating performance and the latest driving technology.

What qualifies for fya?

Examples of capital expenditures eligible for the first-year allowance include some cars that meet low CO2 emission standards; energy-saving equipment; water conservation equipment, various biofuel and hydrogen refueling equipment as well as zero-emission delivery vehicles.

Are electric cars exempt from Bik?

Tax on benefits in kind for electric cars

There’s currently zero tax on Benefit in Kind (BIK) during 2020 / 2021 for hybrid vehicles with emissions from 1 – 50g/km and a pure electric range of over 130 miles. The electric car tax on BIK rate will increase to 1% in 2021 / 2022 and 2% in 2022 / 2023.

Can you claim AIA and WDA?

AIA or WDA – which is better

Although the AIA provides immediate relief for expenditure, claiming the AIA will not always be the best option. … However, the AIA can only be claimed in the period in which the expenditure is incurred. After that, any balance must be relieved by claiming WDAs.

Are electric cars a benefit in kind?

Full electric cars are exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), but you still have to pay Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax if you’re going to run one as a company car.