How do I identify my Volvo Penta engine?

The information decal is usually located on the engine cover or other flat surface that is easy to see. It lists the identification numbers for the engine and also for the drive unit or reverse gear. The appearance may vary depending on the engine model and year of production. See examples below.

How do I know what Volvo engine I have?

What Engine do I have?

  1. Look at the motor. …
  2. Look at the sticker on the front of the motor (passenger side of the motor on the S70’s), the timing belt cover. …
  3. Look on the back of the car, if it has a T in the badge of it, it is likely turbo (very true of all Volvo’s built after 1996).
  4. Look at the VIN.

Where is the serial number on a Volvo engine?

For the Volvos of the 1990s to mid 2000s with the “white block” inline-four, -five, and -six cylinder engines, Volvo puts the engine serial number in two places: a sticker on the upper timing cover and a stamping on an engine block surface.

Where is Volvo Penta serial number?

The serial number is a unique identifier for your product and is the key to efficient servicing and correct ordering of parts. It can be found on decals and/or plates on the product.

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How do I find my engine serial number?

The engine serial number is on a metal plate attached to the block, typically found on the left-hand side of the engine. The position of the engine plate varies across different engine series.

What model is my Volvo?

The only way to know for sure what Model Year your Volvo is is to use the 10th digit in the Vehicle Identification Number. The 10th digit of your VIN (from left to right) is the Model Year of all 1981 and newer cars.

Does an inboard motor have a serial number?

Transom Plates: The serial number tag is located on the inner transon plate inside the boat; or, on the upper swivel pin. … If the boat was registered correctly and is an Inboard or I/O drive, the registration will also include your motor serial number and drive serial number.

Where is VIN number on engine block?

Look for the VIN stamp located on the front of the engine block. You may need to use a rag or a flashlight to read the number as debris or oil may have splashed onto the plate. Some VINs on engines are etched on little plaques that are attached to the engine while others are engraved directly on the engine.

What is a Volvo Penta engine?

Volvo Penta was founded as Penta in 1907 with the production of its first marine engine, the B1. … The engine program comprises petroleum fuel (diesel and gasoline) engines with power outputs of between 7.5 and 1,500 kilowatts (10 and 2,039 PS; 10 and 2,012 bhp).

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How many digits is an engine number?

Although there is no specific international or universal standard for engine numbers, they typically range from 11 to 17 digits and often have a code that will be unique to each manufacturer. This enables each manufacturer to identify each individual engine and when it was manufactured.

How do I tell what year my engine is?

The engine will have a alphanumeric casting number on the passenger side (right side) of the block, under the heads. The first letter of the code identifies the decade (C=1960s, D=1970s, E=1980s), the second digit in the code identifies the specific year.

What does an engine number tell you?

The engine number provides important information about the make, date and version of the engine so that any kind of vehicle maintenance will conform to the engine’s specifications. The first three numbers are the engine code and the remaining numbers identify the engine.