Quick Answer: How much does the AA charge for a vehicle inspection?

What does an AA vehicle inspection include?

The detailed 128-point mechanical inspection covers front suspension, steering and underframe, fuel system, engine compartment, body exterior and interior fittings, electrical controls, exhaust system, rear suspension and underframe, brakes, tyres and transmission.

How much does it cost for AA to check a car UK?

From as little as £128 for AA members (£142 for non-members), the cost of an inspection depends on the engine size and the type of inspection.

How long does an AA pre purchase inspection take?

An AA Pre Purchase Inspection takes approximately 75 minutes. If the inspection is at an AA Motoring site, your vehicle must be available at the specified location 10 minutes prior to the inspection time. If you have booked a mobile inspection, the booking times may vary due to travel and traffic delays.

What is a 128 point AA inspection?

With a 128 point comprehensive testing programme which includes all of the essentials such as tyres, steering, suspension and brakes, plus a whole host of other checks, buying a car with an AA inspection through AA Cars is a decision you won’t regret. How do the changes affect consumers?

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Can AA diagnose car problems?

We can help with any number of problems or questions you might have – such as: Car faults and symptoms – we’ll diagnose the problem and give you advice, which could help you avoid a future breakdown. … After a breakdown – questions or advice after we’ve fixed your car at the roadside.

How much does an RAC inspection cost UK?

Basic Car Inspection | From just £99 | RAC.

How much does an AA test cost in South Africa?

This test is recommended for sellers as well as buyers. It costs R 2 365 and offers peace of mind to both buyer or seller.

How do pre purchase inspections work?

The focus of a pre-purchase inspection is to gather factual information on the vehicle’s current condition. Typically, the evaluator is a mobile inspector who inspects the vehicle at its sale point. A short road test is usually included. Inspections are performed with the permission of the seller.

What is the difference between AA approved and AA inspected?

“AA Approved Dealers really are the safest place to buy a used car.” … Currently, an inspection includes 128 ‘pass or fail’ checks carried out both statically and on-the-road, meaning any faults can be corrected before the car is put on sale.

What does an AA approved garage mean?

AA Certified Garages are an additional step to ensure you and your car are properly looked after. … All the high-quality, local garages listed within the AA Garage Guide are trained technicians and members of trading bodies.

How much does a Dekra report cost?

2. Complete the Inspection. Uber partners are required to inspect their vehicle every year. The Cost for the Inspection at a DEKRA centre is R241 (Incl VAT).

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