What does it mean if a car has part service history?

What is part-service history? If your vehicle has missed one key service interval – or many – as long as you have evidence of one service record, that’s Part Service History.

Is it OK to buy a car with part service history?

“Depending on the car’s age and make a partial history might be acceptable, but if it’s more than two years old and comes with no history at all its value will be dramatically affected – it could be worth as much as 40% less than an equivalent car that comes with a full service history”.

What does partial service history mean?

If a car has not been serviced on time, every time, or has been taken to a non-approved garage for a service, then it would be considered to have a partial service history. When looking at any used car, you should demand to see its service history so you can verify for yourself that the service record is complete.

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What does it mean if a car has service history?

A service history is a booklet that details when and where a car received its routine service. Each entry is accompanied by a stamp from the garage that confirms a professional mechanic completed the service. Likewise, any repair work that’s been done will be listed, along with the car’s mileage.

How much does a partial service history affect car value?

There have been a number of studies over the years into how a cars service history is viewed by potential buyers. A missing or incomplete service history can impact the price of a vehicle by between 10%-20%. With the vast majority of buyers expecting a fairly hefty discount off the asking price.

Does service history affect car value?

The two times that a service history becomes vital are when you come to buy or sell a used car. Not only does it have a big effect on vehicle valuations, as a well-maintained car will depreciate less, but it will also factor into the cost of ownership if you want to maintain a full-service history with a main dealer.

How do you check if your car has a full service history?

How do I check that a vehicle’s Service History is genuine?

  1. Ask to see a copy of the service book. …
  2. Check over the service book carefully and if you’re suspicious, note down at least TWO of the garage addresses listed. …
  3. Look at the mileage at the time of each Service.

How do you know if a car has full service history?

Car service history online: You can directly contact the vehicle manufacturer dealership and request the service history (if the main dealership maintained the car). The seller can ask for the vehicle digital service history records to keep as evident while buying.

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How do I retrieve my service history?

To find your car’s digital service history, contact your local franchised dealership. If the information hasn’t been stored online previously and you would like it to, make sure you visit a franchised dealership for your next car service. You will then be able to view and update your service history yourself.

Is no service history bad?

Is It A Bad Sign If A Car Has No Service History? While a service history is important, you could buy a car without one for a lower price. And it is possible to find a missing service history. Therefore, a car with no service record need not be a problem.

What does a full service history look like?

What does a full service history look like? A full service history usually means that the car’s service book has been stamped by the garage to confirm the relevant work has been completed, with receipts for the specific work carried out and parts fitted normally being provided.

What documents do you need when part exchanging a car?

What paperwork do I need when part-exchanging my car?

  • MOT certificate.
  • V5 registration document (logbook)
  • Service history.
  • Main key and spare keys.
  • Your bank card or bank statement (Showing your sort code and account number and dated within 3 months)
  • Photo ID (driving licence or passport)

How can I check my car service history for free?

If you want to check a vehicle’s history for free, first find its Vehicle Identification Number, or “VIN,” on the driver’s side door jamb. You can then go online and enter the VIN to get a free vehicle history report from a service like AutoCheck or CARFAX.

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